Doji Dayu of House Kotagama

Married to Doji Kiyo, Horse Master and Courtier



Previously known as: Otaku Dayu of House Hyuga

He wakes up early each morning to make sure that each animal under his care is fed before most samurai are out of bed. Is constantly “caught” humming or singing to the horses as he brushes them down.

He rarely stays still for long and is always finding something to do, whether it is train the horses, hunt with the hounds, or writing letters to his fiance, patrons, and friends. Those who are very good friends (or family) have noticed when he isn’t doing something that requires him to be actively present, he will slowly fall into a trance where he is no longer aware of his surroundings.

Before sleeping, he takes time to write about his observations and studies on training animals successfully. This includes flow-charts and schedules he is currently using and what he thinks is working.

Dayu is considered naive by many of his friends and acquaintances, as he seems to fall for many of their “fun” exaggerations and far-fetched stories. He doesn’t take their pranks personally, and tries to keep the mood light. The only time his light-heartedness stops is when blood is spilled, whether it be samurai, peasant, or animal.

He has a dark, thick mane of hair kept in a loose ponytail (considered a “lazy” topknot by his sisters). In contrast, his eyes are pale blue, mirroring his kind and peaceful nature. When he is home, he has thin facial hair growing, though he shaves it off completely when he is visiting another clan. He is a sturdy, wiry man whose body shows signs of the physical labor he performs in training horses, falcons, and hunting dogs. He has a deep voice for a man who laughs openly and often (when he can get away with it). He has a very impressive singing voice.


  • Pulled favors from his Unicorn connections to marry Doji Kiyo, who wanted nothing to do with him.
  • Was distracted by the various steeds from the Great Clans, which caused him to lose the Topaz Championship.
  • Dayu was a child of the Burning Sands and was adopted by his parents.
  • Is actually an animal spirit that took the place of the child lost in the woods.
  • Prefers the company of horses than he does of court.
  • Sleeps with his hounds.

Dayu is a 20-year-old man who has finished his extended training with the Otaku Horse Masters, gaining even more knowledge to help raise and train the animals for his new clan. He is fascinated by horses in particular, thanks in large part to his mother’s deep respect for her mount.

There is a story he hears regularly from the samurai and stable hands of his old village. Shortly after the shugenja first blessed his childhood at age 5, he wandered off into the woods as his parents spoke with the shugenja. They discovered he was missing when they looked up to the sounds of wolf howls. A “terrifying half-hour later” they found him, leaning sleepily against a tree, surrounded by a resting wolf pack. It took an agonizing amount of time before they were able to befriend the wolves enough to walk him out of the pack. No one could explain how he had been spared until the shugenja looked further into their divination for the boy. That is when they discovered he had been gifted with a strong spirit. His father, and many other shugenjas, including his uncle Isawa Ryobe, believed that his soul had lived a full cycle in Chikushudo at some point, as he had such a powerful sway and familiarity with animals.

Out of jealousy and anger, Isawa Ryobe cursed Dayu’s soul to wander and be lost. If he could not have such a gift from the spirits and could only barely hear the kami, he would forsake Dayu before he became stronger than himself. For almost a month his parents prayed over his body in hopes to bring his soul back. Though his body breathed, it did not move otherwise. Eventually and slowly, his soul found its way back from Meido, mostly unharmed. However, his soul was marked, and when he is not pushing himself or consciously focusing, his soul is drawn back to the realm of waiting, though he has no recollection of his travels.

By the time his parents had recovered from both the loss and the return of Dayu, Isawa Ryobe had disappeared. It is still unknown how Ryobe had the kind of power to use such a curse. He has not been seen or heard from since, though a pure white rabbit has been seen each year on the anniversary of his return.

Dayu spent many of his days training and caring for the animals on his parent’s land. Though they are a vassal family, they have many acres of land to call their own, mostly to maintain the large collection of animals they were working with. Even at his young age, Dayu is considered an expert trainer, and has traveled to many cities around Rokugan to teach some of his methods.

When he was 18 a friend of his betrothed, Hida Ayame, sent him a letter to help his betrothed in the City of the Rich Frog. Due to his training as an Ide he was able to track down illegal financial workings within the city. When it was reported, he was promoted to Emerald Magistrate during the tax seasons.

Clan: Crane
Family: Kotagama (Vassal of Doji)
School: Ide Emissary, Otaku Horse Master

Participated in Topaz Championship three years ago.


Wife – Doji Kiyo
Son – Doji Akio

Father – Otaku Toju: Iuchi Shugenja
Mother – Otaku Katsue: Otaku Battle Maiden

  • Shiba Raku: 16-year-old Otaku Battle Maiden
    - Raku’s daughter
  • Otaku Seka: 13-year-old Otaku Battle Maiden
  • Otaku Nyoko: 11-year-old
  • Otaku Tara: 10-year-old
  • Otaku Hikaru: 8-year-old
  • Otaku Arisa: 6-year-old

Friend(s) – Shiba Sojuro
Hida Ayame
Daidoji Sakimi

Servant – Wentai: Personal Attendant
Horse – Black Wind
Hunting Dogs – Sinhala & Meyli

Doji Dayu of House Kotagama

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