Hiruma Kage

HIruma Family Daimyo


Kage quickly made a name for himself in the ranks of the Crab. His skill was impeccable, his courage was over­whelming, and his sense of duty was breath-taking.

Kage was a trusted follower of Bushido, and kept himself immaculate and practiced the Tea ceremony with his elderly aunt. His Hida cousins saw strange this behaviour, but they say nothing because of his performance on the battlefield.


Hiruma Kage was the son of the Hiruma Daimyo Hiruma Yoshi. He had a wife, Hiruma Nikako, and had a son, Hiruma Masagaro. 1 He would spend his life trying to regain his family’s lost lands.

Kage fell in love with a Crane courtier he had met in court, and became her suitor, writing haiku to her.

The burden of his family’s lost lands weighed heavily on Kage. Immediately after his gempukku, he led an expedition to reclaim Kyuden Hiruma. They managed to gain control of the castle, but were forced to retreat soon afterward. Kage had to be physically dragged from the castle. After his initial defeat, Kage did not try to retake the castle again during his lifetime.

Hiruma Daimyo

Kage was the son of family daimyo Hiruma Yoshi. When Yoshi relinquished the post, Kage became the new daimyo. His leadership skills were extraordinary, and his contemporaries realized he was a very talented and capable leader.

Kage lived constantly near the Kaiu Kabe, organizing his family’s activities. He lived the life of a berserker, praying every morning for death to release him from his obsession. He would enter battles striking without hesitation at the greatest and most terrible foes. 4

Kage was a cold and calculating man. He thought about every action he took and weighed all the forseeable consequences. He spoke calmly and casually, and his gaze never wavered. Kage always wore simple armor. He saw no point in having to constantly repair elaborate armor, as it would only get torn to shreds when he used it.

In 1125 Kage, Hida Tampako and the new recruit Hiruma Yugure defended the wall against the attack of a marauding oni of feline face.