Hida Yakamo

Oldest son of Hida Kisada

Heir to the Great Bear

Groomed at an early age to follow his father, it was well known how much he resembled his father physically and mentally. He was quick to anger, very hot headed and would speak in a frank and direct manner. His battlefield prowess was unquestioned. When entering the fray he often wielded a tetsubo in one hand and his katana Chikara in the other. Yakamo was a huge brute of a man with rough shoulder-length hair and a mustache.



His abrasiveness earned him a bad reputation in the imperial courts. Yakamo, however, saw politeness and etiquette as a burden to endure, not an honor to uphold. He was a very canny and perceptive man, clever enough to understand his own nature and impression on others, learning to time his rants for maximum impact on other people, keeping them off balance. He valued honesty above all traits, would not lie and equated his word with his honor. He saw politeness as deceit and would not pretend to enjoy someone’s presence if he didn’t.



Mirumoto Satsu

Yakamo was a very capable duelist, never refusing a challenge from an opponent. His dueling skills were impressive. The most notable duel he won was against Mirumoto Satsu, killing the older Dragon samurai with his tetsubo. After the duel, Mirumoto Hitomi swore vendetta against Yakamo

Clan Wars

In the 18th day of the Month of the Rooster Hitomi exacted vengeance upon Yakamo in the Imperial City during a battle. Disobeying orders she challenged Yakamo, and during the duel Hitomi removed his hand. She had to be dragged away by fellow Dragon to prevent her from bringing shame upon her clan. Kisada was furious and demanded her life but the Mirumoto refused.

In Autumn of 1126 the army led by Hida Sukune reached the Pass, where they were defeated by a ronin army with a token Dragon support led by the cunning Toturi. The Crab army was forced to pull back.