Hida Sukune

Second son of Hida Kisada


Hida Sukune was the youngest son of Hida Kisada, brother of Hida Yakamo and Hida O-Ushi.


Sukune spoke quietly, conserving his judgment until he had heard all the sides. He saved his greatest respect for his father and would support him if an argument arose. Sukune vowed to overcome his physical ailments no matter what the cost, and he adhered to the tenets of bushido more closely than most Crab.


Basic Info

Born – Year 1111
Gempukku – Year 1126
School – Hida Bushi


FatherHida Kisada, The Great Bear
Mother – Hida Tsuriko (deceased)
Step-MotherHida Kita
BrothersHida Yakamo, Kitsuki Yasuo (deceased), and Hida Takahiro (Deceased)
SisterHida O-Ushi
Spouse – Hida Tamiyo, formerly Akodo Tamiyo


He was a source of shame for his father. Where his siblings were strong he was weak, where his sibling were noisy he was quiet. He was born two months early, and his mother, Hida Tsuriko became sick after giving birth to him. Many thought that Sukune wouldn’t survive a week. His entire life he was plagued by poor health, always sickly. His mother never recovered from her illness and died from a protracted illness five years after Sukune’s birth.


From the start he had to rely on his mind to sustain him through school, as he lacked the strength and stamina to keep up with his classmates. He became spellbound by lessons of military strategy, devouring writings by Rokugan’s greatest generals remembering everything he read. He applied what he learned to the rest of his training, becoming a strategist and a tactical adviser for his father. His health meant prolonged conflict was dangerous, and he was early on positioned behind the front lines. Sukune himself did not like this, but knew it was for the best.


In Battle

Sukune would hold the position of carrier of the great battle standard, giving him an important task, but leaving him out of harm’s way. His tactical prowess was nothing short of amazing; he only lacked experience. His weakness plagued him and no solution could be found, which left him thin and small for a samurai, his body wracked with coughs. In battle he would wear an elaborate suit of armor that looked like an attacking crustacean. He knew he could never measure up to his father and would have done anything if he thought Kisada would approve. As his father and brother he prefered a tetsubo to a katana, although his was a lighter version than theirs.

Clan Wars

In Autumn of 1126 the army led by Hida Sukune reached the Beiden Pass, where they faced the Toturi’s Army, a ronin army with a token Dragon support. The cunning Toturi otmaneuvered the superior forces of Sukune, and the Crab army was forced to pull back.

In 1126 Kisada’s army made again it’s way north, being their main target Beiden Pass, the “crossroads of the empire”. 8 Sukune led the Crab army that sacked Kyuden Kakita in 1127. Sukune’s next target was Kyuden Doji, but as Sukune moved his army southward an army of Dragon and Unicorn samurai appeared, taking the Crab completely by surprise. It forced Sukune to retreat back to Beiden Pass.

While Yakamo was healing from a previous fight, Sukune was obliged by his brother to rush and enter in battle with only part of the total Crab forces. Sukune was tasked with holding the pass until Yakamo could arrive and bolster the Crab forces. The unorthodox tactics of Toturi and his army proved to much for the inexperienced Sukune, whose larger army couldn’t draw upon numbers because of the tight, twisting pass. As Sukune attempted to reinforce his position his infantry were slaughtered by Unicorn cavalry and archery fire. Sukune was forced to retreat, and Toturi followed, leaving the pass to be guarded by Shinjo Yasamura.

Hida Sukune continued to serve as an officer in the Crab army throughout the Clan Wars. In 1132, the spring after the Clan Wars ended, Sukune married Akodo Tomiyo in a political marriage. The two have three children, born in 1135, 1138, and 1142.