Hida O-Ushi

Daughter of Hida Kisada


O-Ushi was pretty, small but stocky and could not be easily knocked off her feet. She shared Kisada and Yakamo’s quick temper, but unlike Yakamo she would not let it get the better of her. She would goad and taunt, bringing others to anger before they could prepare for her. She relied on fear and uncertainty to gain an advantage over her enemies. She refused to take a vow of celibacy as other samurai-ko did.


Early Life
The Daughter of Kisada

When O-Ushi was born her father, Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada, did not know what to do with her. He did not wish for her to be married away to some nobleman so he did the only thing he could think of, he raised her as he would have a son. She was very protective of her younger brother Sukune.


Her brothers nicknamed her O-Ushi, Ox, for her great strength and endless capacity for stubbornness. At her gempukku, she took the name O-Ushi officially. Her hot temper and readiness to meet any insult with a swift stroke from her Dai Tsuchi earned her a new nickname, Bully.

Coming of Age

O-Ushi came of age when she was ten years old, 4 years before her gempukku, when she blackmailed Kaiu Rioto to give her supplies so she could follow Yakamo into the Shadowlands. Yakamo showed her what happened to a human who was killed in the Shadowlands. After her gempukku her first charge was guarding the northern border of the Crab. Some would have seen this as an insult, but O-Ushi took it in her stride.

O-Ushi in Battle

In combat she would wait for her opponent to strike first, then overwhelm him with a devastating force, assaulting him from as many directions as she could. She was widely recognized as a leader of soldiers. O-Ushi would wear her daisho but preferred her beloved hammer, which no one ever saw her without. She exceled at concealing troop movements, disguising her numbers and diverting attention away from the brunt of her attack. O-Ushi taunted and goaded her opponents, questioning their honor and insulting their skills in hopes of angering or frightening them before they could adequately prepare for her.


Clan Wars

The Clan War broke days after O-Ushi held a meeting with Doji Hoturi, the Crane Clan Champion. She had requested him to surrender to the Crab.

In 1125 the armies of the Crab were moving to the North in order to secure their trade route. The Lion army led by Matsu Tsuko moved to confront them. The Lion camp was struck by an assassin, who killed a guard and a commander, and the Lion Clan Champion decided to take care herself. She managed to find the murderer in the vicinity of the camp, and killed two of her Hida companions. The girl, who was barely twelve and had a Crab mon tattooed in the arm, escaped from her grasp. The young assassin was most probably Hida O-Ushi.

In 1128 during the Month of the Rat the castle’s defenders were wiped out by an enormous Shadowlands Horde, which broke through into Rokugan, pursued by O-Ushi.

O-Ushi was on duty at the risky Carpenter Wall. An eta called Benin saved her life from an oni. She spared his life despite calls for his death after he had picked up a katana to save her.

The Good Little WIfe

In 1129, in the month of the Tiger, O-Ushi was married in a rather hasty ceremony to Shinjo Yasamura in Kyuden Hida. To win the hand of the tomboy, a tetsubo-only contest was arranged by Yakamo. O-Ushi entered to win her own hand but, during the fight, Daidoji Uji and O-Ushi knocked each other out and Yasamura was declared the winner. The two were married before O-Ushi regained consciousness.

Yasamura took the Hida name, becoming Hida Yasamura, and the couple had twin sons, Hida Kuroda and Hida Kuon.