Hida Nori of House Kakeguchi

Member of the Crab clan, a war hero general, who is currently governing over a small town on the border with Scorpion Lands.


Hida Nori is a pretty stereotypical crab. His stands almost 6 feet and 5 inches tall. His hair is always pulled back into a traditional topknot. His once jet black hair is littered with white strands that show the results of a life lived in service of the Emperor. He has one dark grey eye and an eye patch tied over his right, which he refers to as a gift from an oni he fought in his youth.

Although he is only in his early forties, Hida Nori looks much older. He usually looks stern, although he isn’t able to maintain that appearance in front of his daughters or when he is forced to talk about his late wife.


Hida Nori is well known amongst his fellow crab as a war hero.

Hida Nori spent the first couple year’s of his life living in a small village mostly with his mother, a former Asahina, where he learned the importance treating those beneath you with respect. When he was six, his father returned from the wall to find his oldest son in the rice fields working in order to help the sickly old man. Having already been effected somewhat by the taint, his father beat him in order to show him his actual position in the Celestial Order. The kind-hearted young Nori ignored his lesson and would receive terrible beatings from his father almost daily, but would still show up the next day with a smile on his face to help his people. His mother pleaded with his uncle, the daimyo of the Kakeguchi family to find a way to protect her young son from his father. He agreed and Nori was sent to be raised at Kyuden Hida to be raised along side the Hida heirs during the summer of his sixth year.

Nori quickly impressed Hida Kisada with his unquestionable loyalty to the Hida Family and the Crab Clan. Nori also, despite being his opposite in many ways, became fast friends with Hida Yakamo. The two became almost inseparable, even going up school at the same time.

He celebrated his gempukku a year early at age 14 and spent the next decade on the other side of the wall, only returning to get new fingers of jade.

He returned when he was 25 after losing his eye in a battle with an oni. It was that spring that he married. His marriage started off a bitter one, solely for political reasons as his young bride when from a proud member of the Shosuro family in the Scorpion clan to joining the Crab. Along with his marriage, Hida Nori was also given a small town on the boarder between Crab and Scorpion lands.

Ten months after their marriage, his first daughter was born. He was serving on the other side of the wall at the time of her birth and didn’t return until she was almost four. It was during these four years apart that Nori and his young wife actually fell in love. He made it a point from this time on to find the time to come home for at least a month a year. From this point until seven years ago, Hida Nori and his wife welcomed nine more daughters into their family. He still remembers the pride he felt sending his oldest off to the prestigious Doji Courtier School just hours after his youngest set of twins were born. His happiness quickly shattered, when his wife took a turn for the worse and died of complications from child birth the next day.

He had his mother come to his house at this time to watch over his daughters and went over the wall as soon as he could, fighting as a man that thought he had nothing to live for. He commanded a small squad of bushi for the next five years, until his mother passed and he was sent home to look over his village and his family.

Since that time, he has made it a point to know about every person in his town, in an attempt to redirect his desire to go back over the wall again.


Hida Nori is the last remaining son of his family, having already had his father and four brothers die in service over on the other side of the wall. His mother has also already passed away as well from an old wound that never really healed up properly.

He was married to a Shosuro Ayane, a beautiful Scorpion bushi almost six years younger than him, when he was twenty-five. It took them almost four years to actually fall in love, but when they did, it was true. Together they had ten daughters before she died from complications of childbirth. He named all ten of his daughters in the traditional names for young sons, thinking that it would help toughen them up.

His oldest daughter, Hida Ayame, is twenty years old and was trained in the Doji Courtier School. She is currently serving her clan as a diplomat. She is his only daughter, who really has strong memories of her mother. She is also the only one of his daughters that he often has a hard time seeing eye to eye with. She was married when she was fifteen and became a widow a couple of weeks later. She has twin sons, Hida Takahiro and Hida Ichido, from that marriage. She was remarried to the Crab clan champion, Hida Yakamo, during winter court when she was seventeen, and gave birth to her second set of twins seven months later, a son, Hida Akiko, and a daughter, Hida Tsuriko. Ayame is currently expecting another child.

His second and third daughter, Hida Xiulian of House Kakeguchi and Kaiu Nari, are both sixteen years old, although they aren’t technically twins, they both completed Hida Bushi School at the age of fifteen, and were married weeks later. Kaiu Nari and her husband have a young son. Hida Xiulian is currently expecting her first child. They are his two daughters that most take after him, as they lack most of their mothers beauty and look like typical crabs.

His fourth daughter, Hida Tama of House Kakeguchi, is fifteen years old. Shiro is the only one of his daughters that seems to speak with the kamis. She has recently finished her apprenticeship with the Kumi Shugenja School and is spending some time at her grandmother’s old school studying with the Asahina.

His fifth daughter, Hida Goro of House Kakeguchi, is fourteen years old. She is the spitting image of her mother, however, she acts just like her father does. She is quick to lose her temper and is still working on being less hot headed. She is enrolled at the Hida Bushi School.

His sixth daughter, Hida Rokuro, is thirteen years old. She just recently left to start at the Hiruma Scout School. She is shy and soft spoken, which is strange in her family. She is average in both height and looks. She is betrothed to be married into the Dragon Clan after her gempukku.

His seventh daughter, Hida Shichiro is twelve years old. She is currently attending the Hida Pragmatist School and is inseparable from her best friend, Doji Emi. She inherited her mother’s beauty, but even though she looks like a perfect Rokugani woman, she still acts as though she is a boy. There are rumors of a romance between Shichiro and Emi.

His eighth daughter, Hida Hachiro, is eleven years old. Despite the best attempts of Hida Ayame to keeping any of her sisters away from politics, Hida Hachiro is currently attending the Yasuki Courtier school. She has her mother’s beauty, and, because of her interactions with her oldest sister, is able to act the part of a typical Rokugani woman. Her sensei’s have high hopes for her.

The youngest two, Kuro and Juro, are twins and currently ten years old. The youngest girls have no memories at all of their mother. They act like true little boys and don’t really have anything feminine about them other than their looks. They spent their days play fighting to an extreme. They often have broken limbs and black eyes, but Hida Nori couldn’t be prouder. They are just starting at the Hida Pragmatist School.

Hida Nori decided to get married almost a year ago to a Ronin widow named Maya. Maya is twenty-nine years old and was originally married to a young man name Tomo. Tomo died within sight of the wall after finishing his 20 Goblin Run, but before he was able to officially join the Crab Clan, leaving his Maya pregnant and with three small children. Nori married her and adopted her children, in order to give them the family name and lifestyle that Tomo had died trying to give them.

Nori now has three adopted daughter and one adopted son.

Hida Tori is four years old and enjoys spending her time singing and playing any instrument she can get her hands on. Nori is still working on getting used to having a girly daughter.

Hida Shizuka is three years old and lives up to her name. She is quiet and well mannered. She loves to draw on everything and adores pretty kimonos.

Hida Kouta is two years old. Even though he was adopted, Nori showers Kouta with attention as the son that he always dreamed of having. He is big for his age, already being taller than both of his biological sisters. He likes to play fight and follows Nori around like a lost puppy.

Hida Tomoko is a year old. Tomoko was born a couple of weeks after Maya and Nori were married.

Hida Nori also has a little brother named Hida Ryute, who is nineteen years younger than he is.

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The first thing that a passerby would notice about Hida Nori is his size. Even amongst crab there are few bigger than he is, as he towers around 6’4.5” and has a very muscular build. His once black hair is littered with white strands, proof that his life in service of the empire has not left him unchanged. His hair is usually wild and unkempt, unless he is expecting important company from another clan, at which point he will pull it up into the traditional topknot, using a red ribbon, that’s a little bit too red to be crab colors. He has a long scar down the right side of his face, that most people have not seen the full extent of, as he has an eyepatch over what used be his second eye. The eye that he does have is a dark gray (the only trait he inherited from his mother’s side), despite the ruggedness of the rest of his body, his eye is kind and often does general concern for those around him. He does have a well maintained mustache and beard (those closest to him know it’s out of memory of his lost love, since he used to complain endlessly about her preference of him having facial hair). His skin is tanned and covered in scars that each have a story to go along with them, each more amazing than the last. He prefers to always wear his heavy armor, even within his own home. He claims it’s in order to not fall out of practice, but in reality, he wears it as more of a security blanket, afraid that if he were to stop and let his guard down, he would lose someone close to him again. Nori is not the biggest fan of cleanliness






Nori’s main motivation at this point is to continue living up to the reputation that he worked so hard to gain. While he is secretly enjoying watching his daughters grow up into young samurai, his heart sinks each time he hears about one of his men dying in the fight against the shadowlands as he always asks himself “what if I had been there?” He openly voices his desire to go back over the wall and his hopes of dying in combat and securing his legacy.


Hida Nori trusts quite a few people for a samurai in his position. He is prone to trust other members of his clan, including its peasants, believing that trust has to be shown in order to be able to fight side by side against the Shadowlands. That being said the two living people he trusts most are his oldest daughter, Hida Ayame, even though he would never admit it out loud, and his lord, daimyo, and oldest friend, who for Hida Nori happen to all be the same person, Hida Kisada.


Hida Nori’s greatest strength is probably the same thing that he views as his greatest weakness. He is a very kind and generous person and always tries to find the best in people regardless of their clan, social status, etc. He believes that everyone should be judged based off of their own deeds. In typical Hida manner, Nori has a very short temper that despite his best efforts, he has been unable to contain. He is a very loyal person to those that he believes deserve his loyalty in one way or another. He includes both the peasants and samurai that live within his town. His loyalty and protectiveness often overflow into the cause of his temper being lost. He is very superstitious and believes in luck, so he often has good luck charms on him and avoids things that may be considered bad luck. Another big weakness of his is his alcoholism,


Hida Nori tries to live an honorable life, even though he sometimes falls short. He would likely have a much higher honor, if he did not turn to drinking in order to help with his PTSD.


Hida Nori stands steadfast in his belief that the Crab clan always works in the best interest of the Rokugan as a whole. He believes that in their service on the wall alongside their lesser, as well as by having the 20 goblin run, that they best exemplify bushido. He thinks that the Crab are often overlooked and are under appreciated by the other great clans, who he believes live in ignorance of how dangerous the constant war against the Shadowlands truly is.


Hida Nori was not one to go looking to get married when he was younger. It simply was not on his list of goals to accomplish within his lifetime. However, towards the end of the Clan Wars, he agreed to be married to a sixteen year old Scorpion as a means of hopefully reaching a peace with their neighbors. He met his wife for the first time during their wedding ceremony. She stood slightly over five feet tall, his first impression of her was that she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. She, however, did not share the instant attraction to the one-eyed crab. They were married for a few months, before his duties called him back to the wall, where he learned that he was going to be a father. He and his wife began to exchange letters back and forth, which in the beginning were little more than minimal information about how the town was going, although they would lead to the two actually falling in love. Nori’s wife died from complications of childbirth a little over ten years after their wedding.


Hida Nori tries not to have prejudices against other people. He used to believe that all Scorpions were dishonorable liars, until he fell for his wife. He does believe that the other clans do not give the Crab the respect that they deserve though. He believes they should stop judging them by their etiquette and courtly actions and start to recognize the protection they give them from the Shadowlands, along with the cost of lives that they are the only ones to pay. If he had to choose a favorite clan other that the Crab, Nori would probably prefer the Ronin (although they are clanless), since they are the individuals that he has fought along side with the most.


Hida Nori’s first loyalty is to his family and clan. Then it is to withholding the advances of the Shadowlands, followed by whatever else the Emperor may ask of him. If he has to name a particular person that he is most loyal to (other than defending the reputation of his daughters) it would be Hida Kisada, his clan and family daimyo and champion. Nori even met him personally when he was in school with Hida Yakamo and the two have grown into close friends despite the age difference.


Hida Nori’s favorite things are his daughters, if you consider them things and his young grandsons. He may not have ever wanted a family as a younger man, but he is enjoying it a lot. Other than his family, Nori loves to fight and train. He thinks that it is te greatest use of his time and spends long periods of time training his daughters that are still at home how to fight. He also loves sake along with other alcohol, which isn’t a secret to anyone that knows him, as he has been publically drunk on more than one occasion.

His least favorite thing is court. He hates having to try to be polite when he is really not interested at all in anything being said. He has taken his daughter’s advice on just keeping his mouth shut, but still views it as a waste of his time. His other least favorite thing (even though it still makes up the majority of his diet) is vegetables, a fact that only his late wife was able to figure out and would torment him with.


Hida Nori has a hard time sitting still, he often plays with his fingers while trying to sit still, or clutches his hands closed. Even in formal situations, he likes to sit facing any doors and where he can see everyone. He is not very well spoken and is often blunt and to the point.


Hida Nori is just as quick to laugh or smile as he is to lose his temper. He tries to be in complete control over his emotions, but has several weak subjects, such as his family. He loses his temper even quicker if someone tries to insult his late wife. His young daughters have him wrapped around their fingers, and he has a hard time telling them no, even though he tries to treat them the same as he would a son.


Hida Nori would likely try to give any of his subordinate’s a second chance to redeem themselves. He believes that death as a punishment is a waste when the person is both able and willing to fight in the Shadowlands to regain their good name. He does believe that consequences should be about the same regardless of station. He often surprises other samurai with how lenient he can be compared to others of his position, but he has gone past caring about it since realizing the loyalty that it inspires in even his foot soldiers.


If Hida Nori’s parents were still alive, they would speak of him with pride, as he has gone from a modest (for a samurai) birth to graduating second in his class, followed by becoming a war hero, and now the lord over a village. He has managed to live up to both his Hida father and Asahina mother’s expectations for him..


Hida Nori’s biggest ambition is for his daughters have a better life than he has. He is still hoping to die in combat on the other side of the wall, in service of Rokugan and he hopes for the same for his own daughters. He wants to continue to live his life in service of his lord, so that they have nothing bad to say about him.


Hida Nori is very religious and believes that it is the only reason he has survived this long. He goes to different shrines and prays daily, although not as long as some others would.

Hida Nori of House Kakeguchi

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