Hida Kita

Wife of the Great Bear, Hida Kisada.


Hida Kita is still trying to get used to having a family name and a clan, even though she’s had one for the past 29 years now. Kita stands almost a foot and a half shorter than her husband, at five foot two inches. She has long white hair that goes almost down to her knees.

She likes to wear the traditional dark colors of her adoptive clan, only she still has no school mons, despite her vast experience in the Shadowlands.


She is said to be very gifted in many different types of performing. There are a few remaining samurai that will whisper of a time when she was a geisha in Scorpion lands, although they will not dare to do so in front of her husband

Clan – Crab
Family – Hida
School – Ronin Courteir / Ronin Bushi / Hida Bushi


Kita was born into the daughter of a geisha to a samurai father, due to the nature of her birth, she spent the first two decades of her life as a Ronin. Kita was raised and trained in a geisha house for most of her youth. She showed great talent and had quite a few clients, until it was discovered by one of them that she was in fact fathered by a samurai. In order to attempt to live up to her position in the Celestial Order, Kita used her “people skills” that she learned as a geisha to convince other Ronin to teach her bushi skills.

She first went across the wall and finished her first 20 goblin run, when she was just fifteen years old. She would go on to finish it four more times while still opting out of joining the Crab Clan.

In 1115, Kisada gathered an army when he heard rumors of a Shadowlands army that had been assembled. A group of Crab and Ronin scouts were sent to harass the enemy force, and they were decimated by the enemy force led by Moto Tsume. Only one ronin, Kita, survived, her hair became white from the experience. This was the first time Kita met Kisada.

A year and a half later, the two met again in the Shadowlands. After killing an oni together, the two spend a wild night in celebration together. A few months later, Kita figured out she was pregnant. They married shortly after. The two had two sons together, Yasou born in 1117 and Takahiro born in 1125.