Hida Kisada, The Great Bear

The Great Bear, Hida Family and Crab Clan Daimyo, Crab Clan Champion




Kisada was a quiet man, who spoke with the power of a gathering storm, wearing the Ancestral Armor of the Crab Clan, Ketsuen, at all times. On the rare occasion he would take it off his personal armorer, Kaiu Bugati, would keep it for him. It was widely rumored that no man had ever wounded Kisada and lived. Kisada in his fifties was a huge man, with a deep grey beard, iron grey eyes and many battle scars, dressed in the dark colors of his clan.

The Great Bear

Since the incident with the three Lions he consistently demonstrated a tactical genius and lust for battle, and none could compare to the sheer combat prowess of Kisada. He disdained combat with other clans. He would be dismissive and condescending to all non-Crabs. He rarely left Crab lands and his contempt for Hantei XXXVIII was no secret. He was easily the tallest man in Rokugan, standing 6 feet 6 inches tall, and would use his size to overpower enemies in combat, relishing close quarter combat with Shadowlands creatures. Kisada was huge, a giant by Rokugani standards. He deserved the nickname of Great Bear, although it was his temperament and not his size which won him the name.


Hida Tsuriko – Deceased
Hida Kita

Hida Yakamo
Hida O-Ushi
Hida Sukune
Kitsuki Yasuo – Deceased
Hida Takahiro – Deceased

  • Hida Kisada doesn’t go hunting, as it means there’s a probability of failure. Hida Kisada goes killing.
  • The Kaiu Wall was originally built to keep Hida Kisada out, it failed.
  • When Kisada does a push up, he’s actually pushing the world down
  • The fastest way to a man’s heart is Kisada’s fist.
  • Hida Kisada only has two speeds: Walk and Kill.
  • Hida Kisada is not hung like a horse… horses are hung like Hida Kisada.
  • Rather than being birthed like a normal child, Hida Kisada instead decided to punchey out of his mother’s womb.
  • In an average room there are 1,242 objects Hida Kisada could use to kill you, including the room itself.
General History

Kisada married Hida Tsuriko. The couple had two sons, Hida Yakamo and Hida Sukune, and one daughter Hida O-Ushi. In addition, his younger brother was Hida Tsuru and Hida Amoro was his nephew. After the death of Hida Tsuru, he married a former Ronan, named Hida Kita. The couple has two sons as well Hida Yasao and Hida Takahiro. Kisada was known as the “Great Bear”, and he was one of the strongest, and certainly the largest samurai in Rokugan.


At the age of five, Kisada traveled with his father to the Imperial City, and they stopped at a inn in Lion lands on the way. While Atsumichi arranged for the rooms, Kisada wandered into the village, taking in the new world. He was startled from his stroll by the sound of children, and he turned the corner to see a group of three Lion boys tormenting the son of a peasant. The peasant stood by helplessly while the three boys shoved his son into the mud repeatedly.

Kisada watched in silence, and then asked the peasant why he did not intervene. The peasant replied that he was forbidden to intervene, as the three Lion were sons of a local magistrate and therefore nobility. The next day it rained, and Kisada’s father was forced to remain in the inn, so Kisada again went into the village. Again he came upon the three bullies attacking another child even more savagely this time. Kisada stepped forward and asked the three what they were doing, and the lead boy told him to mind his own business. The boy struck Kisada, who fell to the ground. The three Lions quickly tired of the beating of the peasant and went their own way, but Kisada was seething with fury at this point.

The next morning the weather had cleared and Kisada’s father was making ready to continue his journey when he found Kisada all covered in mud. Kisada asked his father if the trip could be delayed for an hour, and Atsumichi agreed. Kisada then went to seek out the three boys, who he found lounging outside the village tea house amusing themselves with tales of their accomplishments the previous days.

Kisada positioned himself twenty feet away and cursed at the boys with the foulest language he could muster. Kisada turned on his heels and ran, the three boys in hot pursuit. They were so taken up with chasing him that they missed the trap Kisada had laid out for them. All three tumbled into the hole Kisada had dug that night, breaking bones. Kisada left them there and went to his father.

Three weeks later, on their way home from the Imperial City, they stopped in the village again, and Kisada went to the pit to see what had happened to the three Lions. He found their rotting bodies, and all he said was, “This is what it means to challenge a Crab.”


Shortly after his gempukku, during a patrol into the Shadowlands, his small band was attacked by a huge oni, killing first a close friend of the young Kisada. The sixteen-year-old youth leapt upon the oni’s back, bore it to the ground, and crushed its neck. The one’s head was born home and resided on a spike at Kyuden Hida.

Death of Kisada’s first wife

Kisada’s wife, Hida Tsuriko, mother of Hida Yakamo, and Hida O-Ushi, became ill after prematurely giving birth to the infant that would become Hida Sukune. Tsuriko died five years later from a protracted illness.

Reign of Hantei XXXVIII

Kisada believed Rokugan needed strong leadership, and he could think of no one better suited to lead than the Crab Clan. It was time for the Empire to unite and destroy the Shadowlands once and for all. Kisada called Hantei XXXVIII the “Old Man on the Throne”, and he had not the will to do the task.

Confronting Tsume
In 1115, Kisada gathered an army when he heard rumors of a Shadowlands army that had been assembled. A group of Crab and Ronin scouts were sent to harass the enemy force, and they were decimated by the enemy force led by Moto Tsume. Only one ronin, Kita, survived, her hair became white from the experience.

Siege of Shiro Kuni
In 1118, the arrival of Kisada to Shiro Kuni thwarted the assault of the Shadowlands during the Battle of Twilight’s Honor. His entrusted castle’s Daimyo, Hiruma Makasu, had been maddened during his station there, misleading the Crab forces, which were nearly obliterated.

Hida Kisada, The Great Bear

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