Hantei XXXIX

The 39th Emperor of Rokugan


Hantei Sotorii was the childhood name of the only surviving child of Hantei XXXVIII, and Emperor Hantei XXXIX following the death of his father.



Sotorii, was born of a young Crane concubine, many years after the third wife of the Emperor had died. Immediately upon his birth, Hantei married the courtesan and his mother, a cousin of Doji Satsume, became the Empress. Only three years later, she died of a terrible fever.

Bloodspeakers Attack

In 1111, when Sotorii was four years old, the caravan he was traveling in with the Empress Hantei Hochiahime was attacked by bloodspeakers. Sotorii and the Empress were captured, but Sotorii was saved by the ronin Yotsu who sacrificed his own son to allow the imperial heir to escape from the Bloodspeaker’s camp in the Treacherous Pass.



Sotorii was a youth, as impatient rebellious, impetuous and brash as any other boy. He enjoyed falconry, swordplay and stories of his ancestors. He never heard the whispers of Amaterasu, that all Hantei before him had claimed to hear. Instead he heard in dreams whispers speaking of blood and revenge. He grew up and was seen as a brash and furious boy.

Winter Court at Kyuden Seppun

In winter 1122-1123 during winter court at Kyuden Seppun several omens were seen in the sky, but the astrologers did not confirm what they foresaw. Anyhow, many of the events, as the return of the Dragon’s Tail Star, or the brilliant red star which shone at dawn on the celebration of the young Prince’s birth, were interpreted as consequence of the celestial disapproval of the Prince, which was seen as weak heir.


At the age of 25, the rightful heir to the throne, Hantei Sotorii, is crowned the 39th Emperor of Rokugan, after his father dies of a fever in 1132.