Hantei Kachiko



Kachiko was always dressed in the finest silks and wore a thin veil as a mask. Her kimono were always cut to hint the sleek figure. Kachiko answered every question with another question or a cryptic answer. She was fond of flirting with the Rokugani aversion of touching. She would manage to keep her beauty through years, using elixirs and ointments of the Asahina and Agasha.

She was renown for her


Early Years


Kachiko was born Shosuro Kachiko, the first child of Shosuro Daimyo Shosuro Koshurin and elder sibling of Shosuro Hametsu. Despite being the firstborn, she was not the designated heir to the Daimyo because she was not male.


Kachiko never liked her brother Hametsu and spent her childhood taunting him. She learned that she could manipulate boys, especially in physical matters, so she would cause older boys to taunt Hametsu. She had taught herself how to capture and control the desires of men, and use those desires against them.


Kachiko wished to join the Shosuro school but her father sent Hametsu there and Kachiko was sent to the Bayushi Courtier school. She learned to use rokugani politness to her advantage, and all the courtier tricks of the school. she also learned the art of warcraft to use those principles in court.

Betrothal, Marriage and Lover

Aramoro and Shoju

At the school Kachiko met Bayushi Aramoro and his brother the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju. Aramoro fell in love, wrote poems, sent gifts and took long walks with her. Shoju saw her beauty and decided to marry her himself. In the end, however she prefered Shoju. Not seeing the hideous features of Bayushi Shoju, she loved him for the man he was underneath.

Doji Hoturi

Kachiko had been already betrothed to Hiruma Maruku as a child, and the arrangement was broken. Kachiko was only sixteen and just past her gempukku when Hiruma Maruku challenged Kachiko’s father to a duel at court over the change in marital arrangements. 6 Kachiko turned her gaze to the young and handsome son of the Emerald Champion, Doji Hoturi. The son of the Emerald Champion, Doji Hoturi, stepped in and defended her honor in place of her father, cutting the Crab duelist in two. Hoturi and Kachiko played the mouse and cat game for months, Hoturi expecting to seduce Kachiko as his greatest challenge as playboy, and Kachiko to seduce the great romancer of the Emperor’s court, a feat that many felt was impossible.


Kachiko had a poor relationship with her brother Hametsu. During the Emperor’s Winter Court of the eleventh year of the reign of Hantei XXXVIII, their antagonism reached it’s peak, resulting in various confrontations between Koshurin and his daughter. Around then, Shosuro Hametsu sent a assassin to kill Kachiko, but they failed. In return, she sent an assassin for his head as well and failed as well. Koshurin made her a proposal. Should she survive the winter court with minimal Scorpion support, her father would allow her to marry Shoju.

Breaking her betrothal

During winter court at Kyuden Seppun the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Yori claimed the arrangement was still valid and that Kachiko had to marry Maruku’s brother, Hiruma Atsumatsi. Kachiko met Ide Itagi, daimyo of Gakko province, and offered him a marriage in the Shosuro chambers. Itagi dazzled by Kachiko’s beauty confronted Atsumatsi, who willingly surrendered his claim upon her. Itagi rushed to be married, but too late he realized his bride, covered by the wedding veil and thickly painted makeup resembling a Scorpion mask, was Akodo Ogoshiko. Kachiko had proposed Akodo Matsigoshi to marry her daughter Ogoshiko to a man of great station, leaving the Lion guessing she was referring to her brother Hametsu, the Shosuro’s heir. Itagi and Ogoshiko were married, Kachiko fulfilled her promises, and in the end, her own marriage arrangement had been broken by the Crab.

Kachiko, Emperor liaison

In absence of his father Hametsu was the Shosuro representative in the gift giving to the Emperor, but Hametsu conducted himself badly during the winter court audience. Kachiko robbed to herself the Shosuro representation, and caused great impression to the Imperial Court, drawing the full attention of the Emperor and his favor.

Bargaining with Yoritomo

She quickly was appointed as emissary to parley in the conflict of Kyuden Suru Kokai, a Doji fortress seized by Yoritomo, the general of the Mantis. The action had been devised by Kachiko herself, who passed to Yoritomo Hogosha the action plan. She had offered a Shosuro trade agreement to Yoritomo, in return for his future withdrawal of the Crane fortress. In such a way Kachiko would gain a political victory, while the Mantis acceptance of the Emperor’s wishes would elevate the position of the Minor Clan in the Imperial Court. Hametsu maneouvered to barter a trade agreement with the Phoenix Clan, foiling his sister. Kachiko, who was at Kyuden Suru Kokai when Yoritomo knew of it, was in a brisk of being killed by the bold general. He eventually imprisoned Kachiko, and demanded a ransom of ten thousand koku. Hoturi led a counterattack in winter time, recovering the fortress in the Battle of Ice and Snow.

Attacked by the Shiba Daimyo

The Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Burisagi behaved strangely while around Kachiko, and approached her one rainy night when she was without any handmaiden that could chaperone the man’s presence, thereby compromising Kachiko’s honor. Burisagi accused her of being a manipulative woman, the mastermind that had destroyed the peace of the winter court at Kyuden Seppun.

Confronted by the Phoenix Clan Champion in such a way, Kachiko took advantage by ripping her own kimono, giving herself the appearance of being assaulted, before screaming for help.

The two were seen by the Emperor and Hoturi, who found Kachiko laying upon the grass, her torn kimono sullied by stains and mud. Sobbing, she pointed one finger at the Phoenix, and Burisagi was executed by the Doji Daimyo on the spot at the behest of Hantei XXXVIII for attempting to force himself upon Kachiko.

Father’s Death

Their confrontations ended up in Kachiko staging for Koshurin to be poisoned, causing his death during or shortly thereafter of the winter court.


Shortly after the conclusion of Winter Court, Kachiko wed Bayushi Shoju. The game with Hoturi continued even after Kachiko was married. They had become lovers until she became pregnant, at which point she ordered her bodyguard Bayushi Aramoro to tell Hoturi he was not to see her anymore and that she didn’t love him.

Bayushi Dairu

Kachiko secretly had a son with Hoturi, who was named Bayushi Dairu. Shoju was aware that the child was not his, yet still accepted him as the heir to the Scorpion Clan and Bayushi family. Kachiko was pregnant twice since, but was not able to carry either to term.

Loss of a Son

Kachiko was with child, and bore Shoju’s son. The midwife gave the news to the Scorpion Champion, but unfortunately the infant who would become the Scorpion heir over Dairu’s rights died immediately after the birth. When the woman pointed out that Kachiko was alive, and that Shoju still had his firstborn son, Dairu, Shoju beheaded the midwife on the spot.

Topaz Championship

Kachiko was the favorite of the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII, who proclaimed a Topaz Championship to be in her honor for the devotion she had shown to him and his son after the death of the Empress. Bayushi Sugai, nephew of Kachiko, had been accepted as a contender in the tournament, which was held at the Crane city of Tsuma. The Badger Clan Champion Ichiro Akitomo was found killed. Asami ordered it because the Badger daimyo by happenstance had realized an unknown person was falsifying Kachiko’s identity, and Akitomo had begun to investigate Asami and Kachiko’s movements.

Imperial Advisor

At age 20. Kachiko was appointed the personal aide of Emperor Hantei XXXVIII. The position had little “official” political power, as she was mainly tasked with assisting the aging Emperor in reading and compensating for his failing eyesight. She was chosen because of her devotion to the Imperial court as a Scorpion courtier. Kachiko had replaced the Emperor’s aunt, Kakita Ryoku, as Imperial Advisor.

Bayushi Yojiro was tasked by Shoju to keep a subtle watch on Kachiko, to make certain her indiscretions did not endanger the clan. Yojiro followed his daimyo’s orders to the letter, staying close to the Lady of the Scorpion as often as he could. And while he was not immune to her allure, his loyalty proved to be a suitable shield to her dangerous charms. Such virtue was frustrating to Kachiko on more than one occasion.

Yojiro was later forced to plot the shame of Matsu Ino and the murder of his lord after Ino had made an accusation against Kachiko. Ino woke up the next morning, having no recollection of the night before alongside the bloodied corpse of his daimyo.

Shosuro’s Mirror

At 22, a cave was found in a deep chasm of Bayushi’s Labyrinth and many treasures were discovered. Shoju entrusted Yogo Junzo to oversee the operation, and he remained home from the incoming Emperor’s winter court in order to assess the items. Kachiko was sent instead to court, as suggested by Junzo. She had received a gift from Junzo, the Shosuro’s Mirror, which her ally saw fit to bring to her instead of revealing the discovery. Kachiko did not know how to use the nemuranai, but came to the court with it, realizing the mirror could scry locations far from the place it was being used.

Winter Court

During a winter court at Kyuden Seppun rumors of Kachiko replacing Kakita Yoshi as Imperial Advisor were spread. Some whispered that Dairu, a boy of nearly twelve, might be the half-brother of the Imperial Heir, Hantei Sotorii.

Kakita Ichiro’s Gempukku

Kakita Ichiro, Kakita Toshimoko’s son, would pass his gempukku. Kachiko planned to hold in his honor a feast where the Bayushi would prepare a whole cooked crane. If the Crane refuse the meal the Kakita insulted the Bayushi’s attempt to ‘honor’ the young man. If the Kakita ate the meal they insulted the spirit of their own clan. Ichiro had made a deal with the Scorpion to deliver his father’s sword after the feast, taking advantage of the awkward situation to attempt to blackmail his father into giving him the sword. The Scorpion in exchange would support Ichiro as the next Kakita Daimyo. It was not known what was the outcome.

Learning how to use the Obsidian Mirror

In addition to her charm, it was whispered that she had two other ways of obtaining secrets. She carried the magical Obsidian Mirror, and also used Divinatory Pools.

Kachiko had to stain the mirror with her own blood to use it. More than thirty years later a sliver of black glass of the mirror, which was broken at that time, retained her blood and it would be used by Iuchiban to cast the Rain of Blood.

Clan Wars

After the death of Shoju during the Clan Wars, Kachiko convinced Hantei XXXIX to take her as his wife.