Geisha, Mama-san


Kana is considered by many to be one of the great beauties of her generation. She is around twenty-nine, even though she looks younger. She always dresses in extravagant kimonos with her hair done up perfectly.

  • It is rumored that she had a child shortly after becoming a full geisha. Although she will not talk about it, people have reported seeing a young samurai come visit her in secret from time to time.
  • It is rumored that she bore the emperor’s son, then blackmailed him into sponsoring her geisha house.
  • Some say that Kana is the most trustworthy geisha in Rokugan, and that any secret told to her will be taken to her grave.

Kana was sold to a geisha house during a famine in her native village when she was about three. Due to her unusual beauty, she was selected to begin training to become a geisha shortly after.

Kana had her coming of age ceremony when she was fifteen and had her first time with a man that she recognized, but never identified to anyone else. She was then away from the public eye got about a year. After which time, clients would sometimes notice a young boy hiding around the geisha house.

Kana had her first patron, a Crane, when she was seventeen years old and spent the majority of her time with him for the next couple of years. When she was about twenty-one, that all changed as almost overnight she was given a geisha house of her own along with a large amount of koku.

She is still the mama-san of that geisha house, which caters to mostly to higher classed samurai.