Doji Hoturi

Daimyo of the Doji Family.


He is ready to laugh and has a bright smile, a willing heart and an eagerness to be everyone’s friend. Hoturi bears little resemblance to his father as he is both tall and slender with pale skin. He does have his father’s black eyes however.

Hoturi moves like a dancer, graceful and swift with easy gestures. He only seems reserved to those who do not know him, or those he is trying to impress. This helps him appear cool and controlled as his father. He has a long scar on his left arm, trailing from his shoulder to elbow. He rarely speaks of it, but does on rare occasion murmur, “The Crab was too slow.”

When not under the watchful eye of his father, Hoturi often goes on sprees with his sensei, seeking lovely women and fresh wine to pass the evening. He often spends time in the arms of the ladies of the other clans. He has always been a ladies’ man, wooing samurai-ko and geisha alike. His handsome face and many victories in tournaments and duels have made him famous, and his exploits with geisha have caused his name to be sighed in many places. If Hoturi has any lasting interesting in one of his conquests, he has yet to make his feelings known.

Part of his appearance, however, is a facade. Hoturi can be very manipulative. He is not self-centered, but he knows that in order to get what he wants, he has to be completely sure of his own abilities. His goal is perfection and he is determined to become all that is perfect in the son of a daimyo. His self-esteem is crushed repeatedly, however, due to the harsh criticism of his father. He strives to make Satsume proud. He is a bit vain, however, and finds it difficult to balance his cheerful and pleasant self to his father’s somber attitude.


Clan: Crane
Family: Doji
School: Kakita Dueling Academy

Eldest son of the Crane Champion, Doji Satsume. His mother, Doji Teinko, was the one to raise Hoturi with his younger brother Kuwanan. When his mother died, he was crushed. At his mother’s funeral when he was twelve, he informed his father he wanted to attend the Artisan Academy as his mother had. He barely heard his father after Satsume laughed at him as he informed him he would instead be attending the Kakita Dueling Academy under the direct guidance of his uncle, Toshimoko.

Though he was a bitter child, he became Toshimoko’s best student. Thanks to the many travels to Shintao monasteries with his uncle, Hoturi met his now long time friend, Akodo Toturi. This friendship is believed to be one of the reasons the Clan War ended, though it has been argued many times.

Toshimoko has never spoken against Satsume’s criticism of his eldest son, but it has been thanks to Toshimoko that father and son understand each other. In fact, Hoturi is very much like his mentor in temperament and taste.


Recently, Hoturi was married to Kitsune Ameiko, a Fox Clan maiden who studied at the Kakita Dueling Academy. Although her beauty rivals that of the Scorpion daimyo’s wife, there are many whispers in the court that imply the marriage was arranged by Satsume to “chain down” his wild son. She is always the dutiful wife, and her love is unquestioned. Her modest birth causes even more whispering, though the young couple have ignored the vicious political rumors. He is kind and generous to his new wife, smiling even warmer when she enters a room, though there is always hesitancy.

Since his marriage, he has changed. Not outwardly – he still enjoys a good drink or listening to music at the geisha houses. The young daimyo has never been disloyal to his wife since the day of their marriage, and although he still enjoys her company, he no longer enjoys..her company. There is only one woman who could make Hoturi disloyal, but they have not spoken for years.

Doji Hoturi

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