Akodo Yo

Lion Bushi, played by Ben


Large is the first word they would use as he is surprisingly large for time/location. The red hair also attracts attention. The hair is natural do to some strong Kitsu lineage. He likes to dress as plainly as possible without being rude or attracting attention. He leans toward browns or reddish earth tone to offset his hair.

While cleanliness is important, he is slightly more lax than other character, again, never enough to be rude. He take care of hygiene, he doesn’t seem worse smelling than other characters or let his teeth rot, but he doesn’t mind a some mud or dirt on his clothing unless in a formal setting. He projects a calm detachment and while alert to physical threats seem take no risks socially.

Each morning he will practice his katas if he is giving the opportunity. He will meditate before bed.



Father: Akodo Endo
Mother (deceased) : Akodo Kasai
Maiden Name: Kitsu Kasai
Step-Mother: Akodo Barakou
Akodo Kenji , 4 years older, Shugenja, Kitsu Shugenja School
Akodo Nozomi, 2 years older, Ikoma Bard School [Courtier]
Kitsu Ran, 2 year younger, Shugenja, Tamori Shugenja (Dragon), Betrothed Kitsuki Hiroki (Courtier, dragon.