Akodo Nozomi

Akodo Yo's Older Sister


Attractive, but not beautiful. Has the hair color and skin tone of her father. The only thing that ties he to her mother is the beautiful intense eyes and the perfect pitch voice that people say her mother had.


Terrible gossip. She know the stories of everyone and isn’t afraid to tell them (with in the politeness constraints of the society) . very beautiful singing voice.

Fond of Yo and will take any opportunity to tell heroic stories of his exploits.
Daddy’s little girl, she also take any opportunity to talk up his actions as well.

Very persuasive (especially with Daddy). She can pry details of a event out of anyone. Yo doesn’t even try to hide or downplay things with her.
Would always get in trouble as a child then get Yo blamed for it, but then would help him with his punishment.

She does not get along with Akodo Kenji at all, and they try to avoid being in the same place and to the extent she can damage his reputation with out it staining the families honor or reputation in anyway, she will. She is however, an excellent judge of how far she can go.

Now, whenever she is around Yo, she babies him like an older sister and tells embarrassing stories about when he was a child. She teases him about his stoicism and size, but it is a friendly teasing and he knows that she loves him.

Get along very well with her step-mother. they are friends as well as family and she will try to spend time with her whenever the chance. It helps that her husband’s family is also in the same city, and she, her step-mother and mother-in-law are almost always seen as a group.

One quirk she picked up from Yo and he father is she likes uncomplicated clothing, although the high of fashion, she will chose the less elaborate edge at every opportunity. this is the one thing that frustrates her step-mother and she often goes out of her way to try to get her to try more complicated outfits.

She is a excellent player of Sadane .

Akodo Nozomi

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