Akodo Endo

Akodo Yo's Father


Average size, but very fit warrior. Only his graying hair and the sadness line in his face betray his age.


He was married to Akodo Kasai on the young side. It was one of the luck relationships where love and politics converged. Akodo Kasai and he grew up near each other. the fell in love in the early teens and he continued to love her for the rest of his life. The love was strong enough that when they heard that the family has chose spouses for them, they planned to run away and elope. They were thrilled when they found out they were betrothed to each other.

After his wife passed way He married but it was known to all that it was a purely political and that she was not able to have children. They have a very polite relationship but beyond required etiquette, they spend no time together.

Endo favors Yo and Nozomi over Kenji. He is proud of Yo for being bushi. Nozomi is daddy’s little girl and could sweet talk him into anything.

He is very military in mind set and behavior. He talks and acts like a military officer. He was quite high up in the Lion army, a Taisa. While semi retired, he still helps drill and with battle practice.

Akodo Endo

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