Hida Nayoko of House Kakeguchi

Crab Bushi trained as Shiba Bushi, played by Celeste M


Nayoko is quiet to put it mildly, she prefers to be in the background. she dress in traditional Dragon colors of green and golds and has her school mon on her left shoulder of the phoenix clan with the mon of the Dragon clan on her right shoulder . she has black hair and is attractive but nothing that would draw any attention to her.

She is innocent and has been sheltered all of her life. believing the stories she was told as a child of honor and duty and the adventure her ancestors had.

Married to Hida Ryute of House Kakeguchi


she is the youngest of four children two brother and sister, she is very close to her sister (best friend). Nayoko was send to bushi school with the Phoenix clan at a young age where her future father in law is the sensei, she has been engaged to his only child Shiba Sojuro sense shortly after birth.

Hida Nayoko of House Kakeguchi

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