Legend of the Five Rings Aftermath

Seventh Session
Fought an Oni

Midoriko joined up with the rest of the group. They went over the wall again and were able to fight an oni. Some members of the group figured out that the crab had set up a buffer zone for the group to make sure they wouldn’t be killed.

The group then spent the night on the wall and were able to experience a Draw-Lot play.

Sixth Session
Over the Wall, Fighting Goblins

Kiyo submitted her report to the Emerald Champion. He told them that they had a little bit of time before tax season officially started.

Midoriko left to go to the Imperial City to get her second rank training.

The rest of the group decided to take their time and go back to Crab lands. They made sure to do maps and censuses on their way, along with a little sightseeing. Amongst their sightseeing was a daytrip to Kakita’s breath.

When they arrived to Kyuden Hida, they requested an audience with Crab Clan Champion, Hida Kisada. They were told to come back the next day. When they were able to meet with Kisada, they requested the chance to go into the shadowlands, along with Hida Ayame as a guide.

The group went into the Shadowlands, where they fought 8 goblins and returned victorious.

The group were released from their expectations for the night by Kiyo and Yo was able to outdrink two Crabs.

Fifth session
Successful Negotiations between the Scorpion and the Crab

The group move on to Beiden to spend three days getting it ready for the negotiations. Kiyo has her brother, Doji Eien of House Katogama and Doji Shizue serve as scribes for the negotiations. The Crab and the Scorpions both arrive at the same time, down to the minute. They are led by Crab Daimyo, Hida Kisada and Scorpion Daimyo Bayushi Meokono.

The Negotiations begin with a civil lunch, where Bayushi Meokono tells the story of her first time meeting Hida Kisada. The negotiations then begin, Kiyo presented both sides with her reports and gave a general synopsis of what had happened, leaving out the word maho. She then brought in all of the witnesses to testify as to what had occurred in regards to the rumors and Soshi Megumi’s part in them. The stopped for the night and had a civil dinner, after dinner, there was a game of Sadane between Ayame, Midoriko, and a Scorpion Bard about a poem.

In the morning, the offended parties, Ayame and Hida Nori both give their accounts of the accusations made against them by Soshi Megumi. After their testimonies, each of the Emerald Magistrate’s party testifies as to the results of their investigation, with also giving their answers to the Scorpion Daimyo’s question (“To whom does one owe their loyalty, to the family they are born into, or the one they are married into?”). Following Kiyo’s testimony, the group moves on to lunch, where they have a very civil conversation. After lunch, Soshi Megumi is brought in to give her side of the story. She sticks with her own belief that maho had to have been used by Hida Nori in order to change over her cousin’s loyalty from the Scorpions to the Crab.

After she is found guilty, Soshi Megumi is stripped of her clan and name. She is then executed by her former Daimyo at sunrise.

Fourth Session
Investigating Maho when the truth comes out

Kitsune Midoriko and Akodo Yo start off the session in Hida Nori’s village waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. They go through normal morning routines with Yo acting as Midoriko’s yojimbo, including for her morning run. They make a point of noticing that the bathhouses are practically empty compared to the bathhouses in different clan territories.

An hour before the Emerald Magistrate is due to arrive, Midoriko and Yo met Hida Ayame. After Doji Kiyo of House Katogama, Kakita Hatori, and Agasha Nayoko arrive, Midoriko updated them on the information that she had gathered so far, and about the strange crab they met earlier.

The group, including Soshi Megumi, went to Hida Nori’s home. Ayame served as Yoriki for Hida Nori, instead of the injured samurai that he had serving him the night before. She took the group into see Nori and made introductions. Kiyo started off by asking Nori about his knowledge of the rumors. He told her that he knew all of the peasants residing in his village and that the only time he heard anything about Maho was when Soshi Megumi had been there a year before asking about it.

Kiyo turned her questioning to Soshi Megumi, who started to tell about a former member of her clan, who had a drastic personality change 13 years ago. This caused both Nori and Ayame to loose their temper, even though they were able to control it enough to sit still as they commanded Megumi to get out of their house. The group positioned themselves between Megumi and Nori, while they escorted her out of his house and into the Inn, in custody.

While in custody, the group began the process of forcing her to get clean from her opium. During this process they subject her to lessons about Bushido, along with other topics.

Kiyo worked on her report for the Emerald Champion, Doji Satsume, while Midoriko and Yo continued to finish the footwork to find out if their was any actual rumors. They discovered that Megumi had forced her servants to spread account of maho and that she had also used them for spell practice.

It was decided that Kiyo and the rest of the group, must watch over the negotiations between the Crab and the Scorpion in order to see a peaceful end to this matter.

Third Session
Traveling and meeting with the contact

The group leaves Crane lands and travels uneventfully to the boarder between Scorpion Lands and Crab Lands. They meet up with the last yojimbo for the group, Akodo Yo. After a little bit of effort, they found their contact, or rather their contact, Soshi Megumi, found them. She let them know about the alleged maho activity along with having a conversation about Shadowland lore, behind a rice paper wall of course. She explained that she was not allowed in the small town to be able to investigate herself and has been trying to get some help for nine months now.

Akodo Yo and Kitsune Midoriko were sent ahead to meet with Hida Nori, the lord over the small village. While they went on ahead to let him know that the Emerald Magistrate was coming, Kakita Hatori worked on their gift for him.
Second Session
Preparing to go

The group worked on buying all of the supplies that they needed for their mission. They also noticed that their preparations were not going without notice

First session
Expectations and Sudane

Our story begins in the year 1146, the fourth year of the rule of Hantei XXXIX. The empire has been at relative peace for the past thirty years, other than the conflicts with the Shadowlands and the destruction of the Hare Clan.

Doji Kiyo of House Katogama has been appointed as Emerald Magistrate and has been assigned her first set of yojimbo. They include Kitsune Midoriko, Kakita Hatori, and Agasha Nayoko. After having tea, Doji Kiyo provided the group with her expectations. The group then moved on to sharing sake.

Doji Kiyo explained that they were tasked with investigating the validity of rumors stemming from a small town in Crab territory. Doji Kiyo was told that they would meet with the last of her assigned yojimbo and a point of contact for further information.

While explaining their strengths for Doji Kiyo, Kakita Hatori and Kitsune Midoriko quickly entered into a game of Sadane on the subject of hunting.


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